Plastic Granules Manufacturer in India

“AMBORASTAR” has established itself as one of India’s leading Plastic Granules Manufacturers and Suppliers. Plastic Raw Material and Reprocessed Plastic Granules such as PP Milky Granules, Polypropylene Granules, PP Natural Granules, ABS Granules, Plastic Dana Manufacturer, Reprocessed Plastic Granules, and Granules Manufacturer in India are among the products that we offer.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) granules offer high-quality products in a wide variety range. We offer the best Plastic Granules to our valued customers. We make these items with high-quality basic materials and components sourced from reputable market vendors. Furthermore, we provide these items in a variety of technical parameters to meet the diverse needs of our clients. For our client’s satisfaction, all of our items are quality-approved prior to delivery.

Plastic Granules Manufacturer in India

The plastic materials are cleaned and then chopped into little pieces in a cutting machine. The sliced pieces are melted in an extruder, resulting in granule lumps. These lumps are ground into granules of the desired size and packaged in 50 kg and 100 kg bags for shipment to plastic production plants.


• High Transparency and Strength
• Excellent quality
• Durability
• Outstanding finish

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